Tid Bits

Christmas is over! I know I'm such a scrooge about it this year but wow was I stressed. Between shopping, wrapping, and visiting family I have barely had a moment to breath. I'm looking forward to a short work week and long weekend of partying! I've made up my mind that no matter what I do over the holidays I cannot please everyone. I tried to hit as many family dinners as I could but its just too much and I would like more time alone with Syd.

As far as this weekend goes I have no set plans. I usually make up my mind what I'm doing for New Years Eve the day of. Its always nice to hit more than one party but we'll see. As long as I end up some place where its appropriate to be doing inappropriate things I'll be happy!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas!

I'm just not a post whore...

But I have so many things happening I thought I'd do a little update.

I'm moving out of Marysville at the end of December. This pleases me greatly. I'm so tired of that town and its mini van soccer mom mentality I could scream. I'm looking into buying a condo in the Mukilteo area. The schools are great and I love being close to the water. I thought about moving closer to the city but for now moving away from Methyville is good enough.

We had a new loan officer start at my company today and my manager paired him up with me. This means more bonuses and kick backs! It also means I'll have less time to help those who are not capable of doing their own work. About damn time. And the fact that he's hot makes it that much better! I just hope the rest of the office does not scare him away. We are an HR nightmare waiting to happen. I can honestly say I've seen every female employees boobs at least twice since I've been here. At a work party on Monday the dinner conversation consisted of nothing but sex stories followed up by an exchange of naughty pictures that we keep on our cell phones. Good times!

All in all things are really looking up. I've got lots of packing ahead of me but I'm still going to make time to get out and have some fun. I'm hoping to come down on Saturday for some drinks and dancing. That is if Corinne is feeling better. No more sickies for you!

Hopefully I'll see some of you soon!
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I need a vacation!!! I have absolutely no time left for the year but as soon as January rolls around I'm taking some time off. I've decided for my first adventure of the year I'm going to Vegas. I've been looking on-line for some good deals and so far New York New York and The Monte Carlo have the best. I've stayed at The Sahara and The Luxor and both left much to be desired. I also plan on venturing out a little more than I have before. I don't want to be sitting in front of machines or tables the entire time. I want to go exploring off the strip and take in all that the city has to offer. Including a strip club!

If anyone has good hotel suggestions let me know. I also want any ideas of must sees while I'm there.

For those of you who know me REALLY well the answer is YES I will be flying and NO I'm not going to back out!
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Cheesiest pick up line of the day!

So I leave my office today for lunch and I'm waiting for an elevator when this guy comes around the corner and waits with me. I could tell he wanted to say something and I just kept thinking please don't talk to me. I'm carrying a DHL overnight package that I need to drop off downstairs and he uses this as an opportunity to say something.

Him: "So are you delivering for DHL."

Me: "No, just dropping it off."

Him: "Oh, because I was thinking dang those delivery people are sure getting prettier every day."

Me: "Well, I'd have to be wearing dorky shorts and a yellow shirt. No thanks!"

Him: "You would look pretty no matter what you were wearing."


I should have acted like I had forgotten something and gone back into the office but instead I rode down four floors with the fuck tard. He mentioned how good I smelled and how he hoped to see me around some time.

I want to go home and shower! Ick!
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One of those days...

In the words of Onnie,

Fuck Fuck Fuckity Fuck!!!!

I have spilled not one but TWO glasses of water across my desk today! This on a day where I am way too busy to deal with it.

To top it all off I have a raging sunburn from going to the beach yesterday and the sad part is I was fully clothed. You would think after having pasty white skin my whole life it would click that I need to wear sunscreen wherever I go.

Despite the heat rising off my neck and shoulders all I want to do is blow this joint and spend some time outside.
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Almost 28

I hate and love birthdays. I hate the fact that I'm closer to 30 and I hate that with each passing year people have this crazy idea that you have to act more mature. Whatever!! I love birthdays because its a great excuse to spend time with friends, drink a little more than I usually would, and of course the no guilt birthday shopping spree! Tomorrow I'm heading downtown for some retail therapy and good food. I'm hoping Sydney will make me one of her homemade gifts because as far as I'm concerned they are better than anything you can buy. Saturday I'm going to be at the Merc getting crazy. I'm hoping I'll see a few of you crazy people there. Its been a long time since I've had a night out at the club. I think I'm most looking forward to sleeping in on Sunday. I'm not waking up until I'm damn good and ready!

P.S. When I do wake up I'm not making anyone pancakes or waffles. :)
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So, its been awhile..

I'm still not very good at this LJ thing. I figure I should say something and catch up. My weekend in Canada was great. No pics though. Sorry violet_rain! I remembered everything except my camera. I suck! So no pictures of my great time but awesome memories. Work has been overwhelming since I've been back but I'm keeping my sanity somehow. I finally saw Star Wars this past weekend and was actually sad it was the last one.

Otherwise I've been busy doing stuff with Sydney, looking for a new place to live, and trying to figure out how to spend time with all my friends. I need more time!!!!

My B-Day is coming up next week. I don't have anything big planned. I'm thinking some drinks at the Merc with some friends would be nice. I hate drawing too much attention to the fact that I'm another year older. Bleh!

So how is everyone else out there doing???
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24 hours til Freedom!!!

I'm so freaking antsy I can hardly stand it! By this time tomorrow I'll be off work and I don't have to come back until Tuesday morning. I've had enough of this place! I plan to catch up on lots of sleep and relax which is something I rarely get to do. I'm leaving Friday for a little excursion to Canada. I'm not going far but at least I'm leaving the state. I always have fun exploring new places and hope to have some cool pics to bring back. I know the picture happy violet_rain will be proud of me! Now I just need to find my damn birth certificate so I can make it through customs. :\
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"It's on random!"

I've been so busy lately but I have a few free minutes to post something. First of all I want to thank the lovely violet_rain for bringing over Shaun of the Dead last night. I needed a good laugh and as always your cookies were yummy! We've got to do movie night more often.

I need to apologize ahead of time to cajunsblues and _onnie_. I've decided to take a little vacation next weekend so I won't be around to celebrate your birthdays. I hope you both have a blast and drink lots! I would love to party with you but in order to keep what I have left of my sanity I need to get away!

Now I'm going to go sit in traffic for a long, long time.
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I'm not a Machine!

My brain, my body, everything is on maximum overdrive today. I don't know how I'm supposed to get everything done. I'm about ready to self destruct!! My job is going to kill me! This is the first time I've taken a mental break all day. I'm supposed to go party with friends tonight and at the rate I'm going I'm never going to get out of here. Screw Margaritas today and just give me a bottle of Tequila!

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